a shoot showcasing the top looks

the looks that our brides ASK FOR MOST OFTEN
are now all showcased together in one place.


which one are you?


- 1 -

the natural bride


For our brides who believe less is more or who don't normally wear makeup this look is perfect yetsimple. The Natural Bride look has neutral eyes and soft liner plus a half lash for that something extra special. The primary focus is on the bride's beautiful skin with a soft flush and subtle glow on the cheek. We used “Laser Beam” lipstick, which is a soft pinky neutral on the lips, topped with our “Nude Nature” gloss to give her the "your lips but better" look.

Hair ­

This is for our brides who want to still look like their day to day, but with just a little extra glam for the special occasion. For our Natural Brides, we love to do a loose flowing up­do that is easily manageable for them on their big day. The messy bun trend inspired us to make this style a low, on the side, textured bun. By keeping her curls big, and a few twists and pin curls, it gives the bride something not so put together, yet still elegant. The majorly side swept bangs and left down loose curls near the face really give the bride a feeling of comfort and a burst of confidence of her natural beauty. Adding volume at the crown is always a tip of mine for this look as well; the volume accentuates the face even more.


- 2 -

the smokey bride


This is a great look if you want to step up what you normally do for a bit more edge on your wedding day. The Smokey Look is our most asked for look for our modern bride. It includes a heavier application of darker browns on the eyes, smoked-out eyeliner or heavy-winged liner, full fabulous lashes, heavier blush and slight contouring. We used our liner “Cinnamon Sugar," lipstick in “Nude Blush” and topped it off with “Flash Mauve” gloss.


For the hair we wanted something every girl loves. The hair was kept very loose and softly swept with this effortless look. The Smokey Bride is one of our most requested looks. This is for the bride that wants that undone look that will last through the night. You don’t have to worry about the perfect hair-style staying all night if a few pieces fall through.


- 3 -

the bronzed bride


This look was inspired by our Boho brides who are going for the bronzed and sun kissed look. The main focus of The Bronzed Bride is subtle bronzing and contour all over the face. We used bronze, copper, and brown colors for the eyes with a half lash to give it a little extra drama. For the lips, we went with a little bit of a darker neutral with our “Bronzed Goddess” gloss to complete the look.


For this look we think of a very earthy, and bohemian bride. What inspired us was nature and sunlight. We kept the hair very free flowing and fun by using various twists and a bold fishtail braid to pull it all together. We kept her curls loose and back to center it all together. The Bronze Bride style is still practical and the bride will have fun texture that the sunlight can’t help but to beam off of! We used one of our gold leafy Ellen Hunter NYC bands to tie in that earthy element. Also, the small flowers tied the look together by just being a sweet, natural detail. They are a great compliment to any accessory or dress so don't be afraid to use nature around you as your creative details!


- 4 -

the retro bride

Makeup ­

This look is for the bride that wants to bring out her vintage side. The Retro Bride has the signaturewing liner and red lip using “Fashion Show” lipstick. Some brides like this look with less shadow to really show off the wing liner. We like to accentuate the eyes so we went for a bit of a deeper crease to make the eyes pop! This is one of our favorite looks to do. Coral and bright pink are other lip colors that work great with this look.


Inspiration for this look came from the late 40's and early 50's. With this look, we put a modern twist on vintage pin curls and the french twist! There are so many ways you can wear this style with a few tweaks here and there. The Retro is great for that modern bride that wants a hint of classic to her look.


- 5 -

the pop of color bride


For the bride looking for something a little extra on her special day we wanted to incorporate a pop of color in a very wearable way! We definitely wanted a flawless face with a subtle flush and contour to the cheeks, but the main focus was the eyes. Using a bolder color on the lower lash line can be daringly beautiful without being overbearing on your wedding day. The Pop of Color look commands attention in an effortless way with soft colors on the eyelid and simple black liner.  The addition of full lashes really balances this fun color we used on the bottom lash line. On the lips we went with our sheer pink lipstick “Dreamy” to complete this fun look!


This look is for our non-traditional bride with a spunky attitude. The makeup for the Pop of Color look is what really inspired me to keep the hair simple, yet fun to compliment the face. I wanted to pull the hair away from the face so we used tight braids on one side for a feisty and practical detail. We kept volume in the hair by giving the bride soft, side-swept curls with a great texture product for a little extra oomph. This allowed for a great all hair down look, and a glowing, colorful bride!


- 6 -

the couture bride


For this look, we wanted to show that a bold eye and colorful lip can come together in a fun way. We love how our bold pink lipstick in “Couture” (so very vogue!) makes a statement with this look. Couture is a great look for the bride that really likes to be dramatic, and it shows up really well in photographs.


This look is for the bride that wants to go all out! We took long hair and created this messy faux bob. We love that super, daring, couture look that is so perfect for our daring and vogue bride. The Couture look has a little drama but not too far over the edge. We can do any look,  but wanted to show that you don’t have to have a “perfect” style for your wedding day.

We did this shoot in a single day with the help of our gorgeous models and our fabulous photographer friend, Jennifer Woodbery.  Jennifer not only did the photography, but also designed and created the florals for the shoot as well. We decided instead of picking between all of our florist friends we would be even more creative. Let me just say that Rawwbeauty understands why you leave it up to the professionals. Selecting the appropriate flowers, keeping them cool and fresh, and designing the beautiful flower stems and greenery together in a perfect way requires a special skill and love for the work. Just ask Jennifer. 

This is our 2nd What Bride Are You (WBAY) shoot! We did a WBAY shoot couple of years ago but wanted to make sure our current team was represented. Plus, it was time for an upgrade and we were so super excited that we took the plunge. The photos turned out even better than planned and we are so happy with the results.  Carol the owner of  Bella’s Bridals was so kind to let us borrow all 6 dresses for the WBAY shoot. We then were able to pick the perfect dress for each girl and each WBAY look. We did a pretty amazing job because they all looked so very stunning! Thank you so much Carol for letting us borrow the dresses for this amazing shoot. We at Rawwbeauty would like to thank everyone involved and a give special thanks and praise to all our our models. Most of our WBAY models were past brides or future ones so this was such a fun time for them too. Thank you Morgan, Caitlyn, Katie, Ellen, Jamie and Tiara for your time and gorgeousness.

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Credits: Makeup and Hair by Rawwbeauty
Photography by Jennifer Woodbery at J.woodbery Photography | Dresses from Carol at Bella’s Bridal