Birmingham Fashion Week 2015

Had such a great time with all of my mua and hairstylist friends at BFW this year. It was a great experience for our new mua Tess to get to experience the craziness behind the scenes backstage. I was picked as one of the lead artists this year and also doing airbrushing for Thursday nights show. My favorite part was getting to work on the pro team for Michelle Lesniak's look. She was the winner of Project Runway Season 11. I was in love with her work throughout the season and so excited to meet her in person.

I have been a part of BFW since its very first year and so honored I get asked back every year to do makeup. It was fun even though we were in a tent for over 12 hours with no air in 85 degree weather. It was all worth it to see our work walk the runway at the end of the night. Until next year here are a few highlights from the day.